Who We Are & What We Do

Effigy Consult is a registered commercial printing company known for quality, flexibility and fast turnaround time.

We are a full-service printing firm; we provide many business-to-business services you might not expect to find under one roof. Our goal is to constantly come up with innovative ways to make our clients ideas look good in prints. Our design team is young and fresh with new ideas for today's consumer. As well, our technology is constantly being upgraded to accommodate the latest in graphics design and marketing Demands.

Our Team

We recognize that there is an urgent need for companies who wishes to enjoy a high and continuous patronage, to keep on advertising and projecting their services; therefore we encourage you to take advantage of our unique services and now is the best time to establish a good relationship with us.

We are in charge of management and maintenance of some company brands and images ranging from Estate management, Construction, Furniture, Marketing, Tourism, Retail and other industries and.

We were just wondering if you would be interested in our excellent services as well.


We will deliver within the expected time.


We produce premium prints at an affordable price


We offer essential, distinctive and superior prints.


We innovatively translate ideas and concepts to prints


We are mindful of good customer relations before, during and after patronage


Our people work cooperatively to deliver superior service to our clients

Our Clients